Producer & DJ at Future Vintage Music Movement

Born into a musical family, Cirino Brown (1986) isn’t a stranger to music with instrumentalist everywhere around him and Hip Hop flowing through his veins. When he and his friends started rapping and needed their own sounds, Cirino took responsibility and a new producer was born!

When he got affiliated with groups such as Zo Moeilijk and Zwart Licht he was ready for a bigger challenge and started producing for the bigger names in the scene (such as Kraantje Pappie and FATA) and applied at the Herman Brood academy where he worked on his skills, networking and readied himself to take on the music industry.

After producing a trap EP with “Kosmic Noise” in 2013 Cirino's interest for other genres grew and started to explore others spectrums of music his sound was already touching such as Deep House, Bass, Garage and more.

Now, with a suitcase full of Hip Hop and musical journeys to other genres, Cirino’s sounds are fresh & positive with a lot of remixes and bootlegs waiting on the shelf to be put out and for you te be heard!